What we do

We provide training and personal development coaching in fashion to aspirings, professionals models and contestants, equipe them with physical and mental essencials by preparing them for the challenges and pressure of the modelling industry.

Why we merged

We have merged due to the need of the local population, we work to bring out the best version of each of our clients.

The constant pressures related to models appeareace and lifestyle are nothing short of overwhelming  in many cases. That is why we strives to bring quality and tecnical modelling to Great Manchester, to help the models to comete at highest level.

Offering you more opportunity

Offer you a unique personalised experience with different interventions, designed specifically for you.

We offer services ranging from posture to confidence building.

Our Courses

Offer insights that will help you break into the fashion industry and pull ahead of the competition. We go over everything that you need to get to your destination.

we will cover different areas such:

  • Winning Posture
  • Casting Call Atitude
  • Confidence/Low Self-Esteem
  • Commercials Roleplay
  • Photoshoot
  • Fashion Show/Runway Professional Walk

Steady Step

Our highly skilled coaches deliver courses that are fully up-to-date with industry developments, designed to make sure that you have the knowledge of the tools that you need to carry yourself to success.


Different, from the others company our training session will be leading by professionals in the industry, by looking at each individual need, will give them skills and techniques needed and will help to meet goals in their personal or business lives by guiding them in the right direction to fulfil the market requirement.

Toesny do Espirito


He is our professional coach and model, who has been modelling for over 14 years. He has been part of many runway show internacional; TV advertisement; commercial; series; and protocol service.

He also owned a model academy em Lisboa, has been teaching catwalk, assisting and guide models to casting, preparing models for photoshoot, establishing partnership with agencies, organizing fashion events such: Miss contests / Fashion Show, workshop events, etc